O’Reilly – Belize Latest Country to Block VoIP Traffic?

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Russell Shaw has a pretty damning post today on what sounds like serious VoIP-blocking being done by Belize Telecommunications Limited, the local telco in Belize. The good news is that it seems that enough people have made enough noise that the Belize PUC is getting involved, and Russell points out that some very influential people there are not at all happy with the situation:

(From ZDNet article below)

Well, on Wednesday, the Belize PUC will hold a hearing on the matter. Expect to hear from some very influential people, such as Andrew Godoy, director of the Belize Tourism Industry Association. “The Board is appalled by the actions of BTL,” Godoy tells the San Pedro, Belize Sun. “We have heard from many of our constituents and this is negatively impacting their business.”


One Response to O’Reilly – Belize Latest Country to Block VoIP Traffic?

  1. david m engerson says:

    i play with toys for a big company
    and do recording for arts
    skype is blocked i lost my job no money
    why cant chat even some email are blocked
    yahoo msn
    well im making a song about this.
    i wrote one before and it was a hit.
    now look out all money will go to a internet company to bring in skype.
    diamond recording studio ltd.
    it time to strike back why to be fair we pay to be blocked. for the record.

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