BTL hints at “webtalk”, new PC to phone calling service

Original Story:

BTL Celebrates Telecom Day

Today is World Telecommunications Day, a worldwide celebration of all things telecom, except, we imagine VoIP. And for Belize's telecom giant the party was at the City Center. BTL held its annual open day where primary and high school students visited and played trivia games, won prizes, and learned about the green machine in all its magisterial corporate splendor. BTL's Public Relations Manager Suzette Tillet told us more.

Suzette Tillet,
"Well BTL is once again celebrating World Telecom Day where we display our products and services and also future services that the company plans to offer. Some for the future include, we presently have GPRS, which is the DigiCell data. What we re going to do is we are going to expand that service to include roaming so you will also have GPRS roaming and another service we are going to be shortly promotion is our international MMS when you will be able to send a MMS from Belize to anywhere in the world. The next service, which is a future service, will be one that is called a webtalk where you will be able to make a phone call from your PC to a phone."


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