Love FM – BTL Analyzes Types Of VoIP Communication That Will Need License

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Last week the Public Utilities Commission issued its Voice over internet protocol regulatory policy and framework guidelines. In that paper the P-U-C categorized the types of VOIP communications that would need License. Today we spoke with BTL Executive Committee Chairman Dean Boyce who says BTL got the paper the same time as everyone else and is taking its time to analyze the paper presented by the P-U-C.

Dean Boyce, Chairman of Executive Committee, BTL.

“Most people are really missing the point entirely. It is not a question of technologies. BTL has been using internet protocol for carrying voice traffic both domestic and international for some time. The issue is solely one of price and traditionally BTL has been following government policy over many years in charging more for international as the underlying cost would justify and subsidizing some of the services in some locations and for some customer groups. Although international rates have come down, we’ve grown the market significantly over the last few years. It was only about four – five years ago where there was only the basic analog system, there was twenty five thousand customers. Now there is a hundred and twenty thousand cellular customers. The internet was at one time dial-up and was very slow and very highly priced and you had to pay for your usage on a permanent basis. Now it’s a flat fee and you choose the speed you want. It has changed enormously but over that time the balance between domestic profitability and international profitability has remained the same. We make all out profit from international and we loose money on domestic. Somebody needs to deal with that of an issue. If somebody said to us that all we need to do is to provide international service then we could charge extremely low international rates. but the problem we’ve got is if we do that then you have some increase in usage but nothing like as much you would need to cove the loses you then make.”


3 Responses to Love FM – BTL Analyzes Types Of VoIP Communication That Will Need License

  1. Brent Toombs says:

    No the public is not missing the point Mr. Boyce… we get the point. The point is you feel BTL is entitled to continue to enjoy obscene profits by overcharging for services and denying consumers a choice of lower prices through competition.

    Do you really takes us for such idiots as to believe that growth in cellular subscribers is somehow a burden to BTL? If you have gone from 25,000 to 125,000 cellular subscribers then you are enjoying even greater profits than ever before. You are not in the cellilar market to lose money. Cellular is not a public service offered by BTL for the good of Belize. It’s a money making operation for your company. In fact as anyone who studies the BTL annunual report can tell you, cellular is a major revenue generator for BTL.

    Every monopoly TELCO the word over uses the “high long distance to subsidize local rate” argument. Yet BTL is the only TELCO I know who illegally doubles their local call tarifs without lowering long distance rates. We are no longer asking you to lower long distance rates. We have given up on BTL. We are only asking for the freedom to use technology that we pay for in any way that we desire.

    Please Mr. Boyce, stop treating us like idiots.

  2. Chris says:

    Furthermore Cellular service is much cheaper to provide for BTL than line service…no line maintenance, no call outs to fix corroded line boxes or anything like that…and yet cellular service costs 3 or 4 times more than line service.

    Mr. Boyce, you are a Big Fat Liar.

  3. Name Withheld says:

    I work for one of the major Banks in Belize. I have personally reviewed BTL’s financial statements. They are not losing money in any segment of their business. Although revenue remained flat year over year, this may be a product of not adapting to a changing market and finding new sources of revenue and add-on features.

    If they paid more attention to internal fraud and settled legal battlles brewing over several owndership changes, they may find more profits than arguing over technology.

    Mr. Boyce, in his own words stated that BTL could drop their international rates by 2/3 and still be profitable. He publically admitted to ripping off the country when it comes to long distance.

    Why is India such a hot spot? Because they have a well educated population and cheap and fast fiber optic connections. If a country like Belize is to succeed on the world market, an open stream of communications with the world is required. If BTL wants to concern itself with their short-term profits, they will harm the rest of the country for years to come.

    The country is at a crossroads and has some important choices to make. The problem is not just cheap long-distance, the problem is how to keep Belize popular as a tourist destination, a business destination and a player in the world market.

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