BTL Is Ignoring The PUC Ruling, Can They Do That?

Apparently they can.

Over a week ago, the Belize PUC released their guidelines specifically permitting PC-to-PC calling software like Skype, MSN and Yahoo. The greedmongers at BTL are officially ignoring their framework and still blocking ALL INTERNET PHONE SERVICES. This ridiculous behavior is sending their own organization and thousands of confused BTL customers into total disarray.

PUC, What is your purpose again? At what point do BTL’s actions this become criminal? Could the electricity and water companies you regulate get away with such voilations? Who is protecting us?

Do you realize the extent of the PR nightmare you are causing with your “framework”? In the world telecommunications community, we are now lumped in with China and Saudi Arabia. How does it feel to have placed Belize on a short list that includes those names? Did you know that in Saudi Arabia, the accepted punishment for robbery is to amputate one of the thief’s limbs?

Most countries allow ALL kinds of VoIP service. Where did you miss this fact in all the “meetings” you conducted when formulating this framework?

Here is what people are saying:

“If someone in the US wants to call and make a reservation to stay at a hotel in Belize and the hotel has a Vonage number, they are cut off. BTL and GOB currently make NO MONEY on incoming calls. So why cut off your nose to spite your face? Even if they allowed incoming calls, it would make it MUCH EASIER for prospective tourists, developers, investors, etc. to get in touch with someone in Belize. But now, they will be unable to.” (shuffles, Message Board)

“Bottom line, they have managed to block VOIP at the expense of screwing up all their other services. No body wins except Michael Ashcroft, the rich Brit, who now owns controlling interest in BTL. The money all goes off shore.” (scubawalk, Message Board)

“We let them get away with an illegal rate hike… we let them get away with not paying us back for illegal overbilling… are we going to now let them get away with restricting how we use the services we are already overcharged for?” (cameraman, Message Board)

“BTL will do what ever they want. They are a monopoly and the PUC has no enforcement authority. The only way to hurt them is to cancel your service. Oh, can’t do that, there are not options. Except satellite. DSL is nice, but I think I’ll keep my Hughes Net service a few more months, just to see how things shake out. I was planning to cancel it in July, but maybe I’ll cancel BTL instead.” (Seagrape49, Message Board)


3 Responses to BTL Is Ignoring The PUC Ruling, Can They Do That?

  1. BFIC Admin says:

    From PUC’s June 23rd Guidelines:

    Any licensed service provider who selectively degrades or blocks third party Category 3 VoIP traffic on their networks to an end-user are to notify those customers of the existence or imposition of this service limitation so that the customer can exercise choice in service providers in this developing competitive market. Furthermore, service providers who offer restricted services should also offer as an option to their customers the alternative of a premium service that does not include such restrictions

  2. 007 says:

    So basically BTL bends everybody over, nobody does anything real about it, and we all vent wherever we can.

    I like the political aspirations of this site… I really do. It is perhaps one of the few things I have seen making some form of reasonable stand about what is going on in Belize. However, it is also giving away the only leverage that the people of Belize currently have by informing the enemy how the people are working behind the scenes.

    We all saw the PUC ruling, we all know that it really doesn’t do anything but put the people in a precarious position…. We all know that BTL is completely denying all VoIP blocking while completely and totally blocking all VoIP traffic… And we all know that none of it really matters for the people because until something new comes in and takes over, BTL will remain in control. The only answer is to find the way to make things work, and NOT inform BTL what is going on! Just being mad isn’t enough people…. time for us to be smart too…. how about that?

    I’m just wondering who got paid by BTL for that PUC ruling….. it is obviously slanted toward greed… the most common BTL trait. Why have a ruling at all if it is not going to be enforced at all? Oh yeah…. the desire for tax dollars…. how a country can keep itself sequestered for the greedy buck. Wouldn’t it be great if the GOB could see that affordable communications would actually make more tourists and businesses want to relocate to Belize and the citizens of Belize could get higher paying jobs without having to leave the country? What a concept!

  3. 007 says:

    I apologize if my ranting seems too abrupt or harsh. BTL is getting to me too 🙂

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