Encryption Services Part Deux

As a follow up to the original post, here is a detailed rundown of the pubic VPN services that are BFIC recommended. Please provide feedback below by “commenting” on the post.

All service costs are in $USD.

Name: PublicVPN.com
Website: PublicVPN.com
Cost: $5.95/mo or $59.95/yr
Client Type: Windows/MacOSX/Linux Built-In Services
Performance: BTL blocked access to its gateway servers for 6 hours on 7/14, so it may not be around for much longer. PPTP performance is adequate on a 256k/128k DSL connection. Performance is sluggish to non-existent on a 128k/64k connection, especially with Skype.

Name: AnchorFree Hotspot Shield
Website: AnchorFree.com
Cost: FREE
Client Type: Downloaded Software (Windows 2000/XP) only
Performance: UNTESTED, please provide a comment

Name: Witopia PersonalVPN
Website: WiTopia.Net
Cost: $39.99 (Lifetime?)
Client Type: Downloadable Windows and MacOSX Clients
Performance: UNTESTED, please provide a comment

Name: HotSpotVPN
Website: HotSpotVPN.com
Type: SSL VPN – Various Encryption Strengths
Cost: $10.88 – $13.88 /mo
Client: Open Source Clients (Free) From Numerous Sites, Support for ALL Operating Systems
Performance: UNTESTED, please provide a comment


5 Responses to Encryption Services Part Deux

  1. shuffles says:

    Have downloaded Anchor Free and so far, Vonage SoftPhone works, and the Skype Lynksys phone works for both incoming and outgoing calls. The quality is ok, (not excellent) but good enough to have a conversation.

  2. mandm says:

    I have used PublicVPN and hotspotVPN services with some success. HotspotVPN seems to be faster and more reliable, at least with SkypeOut. It also works well with Vonage, incoming and outgoing. Unfortunately, I believe our days using encryption to circumvent BTL’s blocking of VOIP services are numbered. The VPN protocols, (except for SSL) can be easily blocked. SSL VPN tunnels cannot be blocked – if they were, online banking, and indeed all online commerce would be unavailable in Belize. It is trivial however, to block access to the gateways that are used by services such as PublicVPN and HotspotVPN, and I have a feeling BTL will do this sooner, rather than later. VPN tunnels are being installed at a rapid rate, and people are talking about it. As BTL becomes aware of the number of individuals and businesses that are using this type of service, they will most certainly want to knock us off the air. I hope I am wrong, but,,,,

  3. Brian says:

    witopia.net uses same technology as hotspotvpn for much less but you must sign up for a year. Of course, 4 months of hotspotvpn practically buys you a year with witopia. skype and vonage softphone perform great and they have a hardware solution they will soon be shipping.

  4. vpn privacy says:

    Also you can add VPN Privacy Service in this list.
    They can help unblock blocked web sites an services.

  5. Paul says:

    You can use proxy. It’s very simple!

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