DesignNine – VoIP Blocking Will Kill Economic Development

Good blurb on the effects of a protectionist strategy. Skip to the second paragraph for a particularly good point relative to our own economic growth in Belize.

Original Story:

What I and others have been predicting for years is starting to come to pass. As the number of broadband providers has narrowed to a duopoly of the cable and phone company in most regions, these firms are starting to muscle out third party service providers. VoIP startups are the first target because both the phone and cable company want VoIP customers of their own, and the simplest way to do that is to simply block all VoIP data packets except their own. Evidence of this is clearly visible as hardware manufacturers begin to sell VoIP blocking appliances.

This is the strongest argument of all for community broadband infrastructure, which is offered as a level playing field for all service providers. Community leaders that simply hand over the economic development keys to a monopoloy broadband provider by doing nothing are consigning their communities to a slow death. Businesses will avoid regions where there is monopoly control of services (that is, all telecom costs will be higher there). New businesses will have a harder time starting, and entrepreneurs will pick up their families and move elsewhere.

The opening shots are being fired. The goal is to kill competition and create monopoloy markets where a private company decides what services your community and businesses get, and at what price. How will your region respond?


One Response to DesignNine – VoIP Blocking Will Kill Economic Development

  1. Zig-zag-man says:

    I see no good to come for Belize, as long as a few stuff their pockets today, with NO thought about tomorrow. Nothing seems to improve while rates and taxes increase, all designed to squeeze every drop from investors and tourists alike. Sure, there are ways around BTL’s illegal blocking of legal VOIP usage, but this is just one very small symptom of major problems with this country’s outlook. The powers that be need to start hinking about what’s good for all of Belize, especially with the way they treat companies, and foriegn investors. It seems to me that it’s time for government to realize that there’s a lot more money available than they can get from BTL or any other monopolies here. By the way, GOB could save a lot just by dissolving the PUC which doesn’t do SQUAT!!!

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