BTL Webtalk: Where Is It Already?

August 24, 2006

So, it is the end of August now and still no word from BTL on WebTalk, their rumored new “Internet Phone Service” aka VoIP aka GOOD IDEA. Remember back in April when VoIP was the devil? The truth is BTL has taken their sweet time understanding exactly what we have all understood all along, VoIP works, VoIP is efficient, and it is the future of voice communication.

They’ve recently lowered their international rates from land/mobile lines (using VoIP), another obvious response to the pending competition.
Good luck with your new offerings BTL. Your customers have good memories. As long as you continue blatently ripping us off, we are going to send our business elsewhere. For now, it is Skype and Vonage. But we all know your local competitors are coming…