BTL Webtalk: Where Is It Already?

So, it is the end of August now and still no word from BTL on WebTalk, their rumored new “Internet Phone Service” aka VoIP aka GOOD IDEA. Remember back in April when VoIP was the devil? The truth is BTL has taken their sweet time understanding exactly what we have all understood all along, VoIP works, VoIP is efficient, and it is the future of voice communication.

They’ve recently lowered their international rates from land/mobile lines (using VoIP), another obvious response to the pending competition.
Good luck with your new offerings BTL. Your customers have good memories. As long as you continue blatently ripping us off, we are going to send our business elsewhere. For now, it is Skype and Vonage. But we all know your local competitors are coming…


2 Responses to BTL Webtalk: Where Is It Already?

  1. 007 says:

    I don’t mean to sound negative, but if you advertise your workarounds for BTL’s blocking, they will only block your workarounds. They are already doing it throughout the country, and it is only a matter of time before they get to it all. The best approach is an underground don’t publicize what you are doing to make things work approach.

    You can still publicly complain and lobby for things to improve, but don’t give yourself away! I know the $1.78 USD monthly payment per install can be helpful for your site, but publicly posting on a well-known site is asking for it to be shutdown, especially when this is probably one of the first places they are going to look. And don’t say that you don’t endorse them, e.g. ‘BFIC Admin on When The Going Gets Tough… Encrypt’, when you are clearly an affiliated partner with them.

    Anybody that has read the Belize Telecommunications Act knows that what BTL is doing is illegal, but not if nobody is enforcing the law. It is a shame that those in charge are not even powerful enough to keep BTL honest. They say they are not blocking VoIP anymore, but we see it every day all throughout the country. Until something fixes the root problem, all we have is keeping our secrets to carry us through to that day.

    Just remember, you can’t keep things that are working a secret if you tell the enemy.

    Keep up the good work on the political front!

  2. VPN user says:

    Just tried to find out more about BTL webtalk fromt thier website. Guess what, the link doesn’t work! Typical BTL and probably foreshadowing of how their voip service will work. I also notice that you have to have a US dollar credit card to use the service! I’m curious to see what their rates are, but I bet they are no better than 25% lower than their regular rates.

    As for me, my VPN is working great. So eff you BTL!!

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