Channel 5 – B.T.L. Officials Continue To Stonewall

Original Story:

We have little new to report on the controversy surrounding B.T.L. and its board’s decision to ignore a Supreme Court injunction prohibiting the holding of Monday night’s annual general meeting. Our request for comment from the Prime Minister was declined, the Minister of Public Utilities was unavailable and B.T.L. officials were as silent as a cell phone with no credit. That didn’t stop News Five’s Janelle Chanona from trying, however. She staked out Michael Ashcroft’s pointman at B.T.L., attorney Philip Osborne, as he left his office for lunch. Perhaps the busy corporate lawyer didn’t notice her presence as he appeared to be deep in electronic conversation. Never one to give up, Chanona pursued her quarry to the Radisson, where, despite her pertinent questions, Osborne preferred to leave the public in the dark.

Janelle Chanona, Reporting
“Did you know about the injunction Mr. Osborne?”

Philip Osborne, Ashcroft’s Lawyer
“No comment.”

Janelle Chanona
“Are you sure?”

Philip Osborne
“No comment.”

Janelle Chanona
“Okay, thank you very much. Have a good afternoon.”

Philip Osborne
“Thank you.”

It is abundantly clear that B.T.L. officials, Osborne included, were well aware of the existence of the injunction well before they called the meeting to order around six Monday evening. Although they have refused to explain their actions to the public, B.T.L.’s legal advisors are claiming that since the injunction was never properly served, the directors were free to conduct the meeting. It remains to be seen how Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh will deal with the matter.


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