Press Release – Smart Launches New and Innovative Mobile Internet Service

We all know that Smart/SpeedNet has some of the same backers as BTL… Despite this, they have just released a new mobile internet access technology based on their 3G CDMA cellular network. Can someone please comment and give us a review?

Official Press Release:

Today Smart officially launched an affordable wireless internet solution “SmartNet”. The Company’s goal is to make the internet easy to access for all, by providing the best communication system in Belize.

Smart is making it easier to get in contact with the rest of the world with SmartNet. SmartNet gives you the power to connect to the internet anywhere you are in Belize using your Smart data capable phone, Smart PC card or advanced Smart device. Now Smart Customers can enjoy SmartNet service anytime and anywhere there is Smart Coverage.

This advanced 3 Generation technology offers the convenience of mobile internet access at average speeds of 100Kbps or better with peak connection speed of 153 Kbps. This solution is available only in Belize through Smart. Customers will also be able to use their Smart phone for calls, MMS, SMS, and data, while enjoying Smart’s better coverage, better rates and better service.

The service is available for both, Prepaid and Postpaid customers. Customers also receive SMS notification of emails, calendar & agenda items, address book, POP3 Support, Mail Filter Support, and AntiSpam & AntiVirus as part of your individual account and email address.

For more information on this promotion, please visit Smart Showrooms countrywide, or call 280-1010, or visit


19 Responses to Press Release – Smart Launches New and Innovative Mobile Internet Service

  1. Cove says:

    Well, smart has a lot of setbacks. Most of their phone dont seem to work. However i have strong faith they will overcome this in the futre and hopefully give way to Voip. BTL is just so evil, but as all evil is they will be brought down.

  2. Eve says:

    Never have I hated a company, such as Smart, as much as I hate this one,

    Can’t even use it on week-ends or daylight hours…what in the world am I paying for?

    Got charged an extra 50 dollars for your technition to come and install your equipment – because the representatives you have are clueless.

    Finally Frank seems to be getting his act together…but I swear I have no idea what we are being charged for.

    Terrible, terrible company – terribly run – terrible service – at a terrible price, Being new just isn’t cutting it any longer – you aren’t new any more – get a larger server so you stop losing customers back to BTL…

    (Hope thisis the complaint department.)

  3. Mel says:

    Please stop loosing sleep!!!!! BTL and SMART are one and the same thing so don’t be fooled.

  4. damedis says:

    hahaha u read my mind mel…no way in hell can SMART be another option to BTHell!!!! plus the wireless CDMA kinda sucks unless u live underneath BTHell’s tower

  5. cassy says:

    i like this smart better than is the best

  6. elvy says:

    Smart da wa good ting people

  7. tony says:

    i like smart its better than telemedia to me

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  9. jim turner says:

    will be in belize jan 29 2010. have verizon service in usa. what can I do to have sevice there? Buy and new phone use mine. bring old phone?

  10. gilbert says:

    smart is the number 1 in the wireless company. thanks to the hard working staff of smart. with my internet on my smart phone

  11. Alrick blunt says:

    Smart net is good but why can’t I just browse off my phone credit and not use 5 bucks or more for net!this is not for the poor people I would say!

  12. aaron bailey says:

    how can i get internet on a 2004 motorola kraza phone

  13. Actually, Ive had BTL services for over 15 years, and frankly it is really expensive, my cell phone bill was over 1,000 $ a month, (post paid) without internet on my digicell.

    I switched to smart, and all i pay is 120 $ a month, and i make the same amount of calls, and i have internet included. Sure there is some problems from time to time. But i cant complain at all.

    Dont even get me started on “BTL’s” internet services. That too for over 15 years, and it has ALWAYS SUCKED! Get a new modem they tell me, i buy 5 over the course of 1 year, and its has always been the same (SHITTY!), unstable, unreliable, and just crap.

    I am one of the few that received smarts, Mobile Internet for testing, and i have to say, it is just great, reliable, and extremely stable. I even get service on the “coastal road” for heavens sake….. that’s just amazing if you ask me.

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  15. Victor says:

    Smart sucks… they are a scam… besides they get their internet feed from BTL… so when they’re alot of ppl accessing btl’s net, smarts net will be slow as fuck, no questions ask… so if you want reliable internet, go str8 to the source… BTL…

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