And Here Is The Proof! – UDP Press Release With Secret Dean Boyce Letter

Here is the full October 10, 2006 press release from the UDP:

The attached letter has been leaked to the United Democratic Party, and provides yet more disturbing proof of the government’s dishonesty to, and betrayal of, the people of Belize.

The UDP remembers the great fanfare with which the PUC sponsored open hearings on VOIP, and the force of public sentiment in favor of VOIP’s free use by Belizeans. When, after the hearings, the PUC published its guidelines on VOIP, the consensus was that those regulations did not go nearly far enough because they did not grant Belizeans unrestricted use of this cheap and easily available technology.

Now we learn that Government was always determined that even the minor concessions granted by the PUC would never be realized by the people of this country. It was always a shell game, with the Minister of Public Utilities guaranteeing BTL that not withstanding the PUC’s published guidelines, the public would continue to be shafted and BTL’s blocking of VOIP would continue to be maintained.

The perfidy of the Minister calls for the greatest possible condemnation and censure. His actions are immoral in the extreme. They also constitute another example of his continuing readiness to place himself above the law. After all, the PUC is the only legal regulatory telecommunications authority in this country. The frustration by the Minister of the PUC guidelines is as unconstitutional as his infamous SI recently struck down by the Supreme Court.

The UDP demands that the Prime Minister immediately make a statement, saying whether he knew of the Minister’s action. If he didn’t, then he must fire the Minister. And if he did, they must both resign.

Click HERE to read the letter. It is a JPG picture scanned from paper (on BTL letterhead), you may have to click it again to MAGNIFY once it is loaded into your browser.



3 Responses to And Here Is The Proof! – UDP Press Release With Secret Dean Boyce Letter

  1. Iwan Sue says:

    I think it is about time that Belize had its first “Class Action Lawsuit” against BTL. I am sure that some enterprising Law firm along with the BTIA, BHA, Belize Chamber of Commerce, et al could garner at least 10,000 names of disgruntled VOIP users and sue this company for $100 Million.

    Come on you lawyers! – this could be worth $25 million to you! Place your advertisements in the local newspapers asking for clients – I will be one of the first to sign on.

  2. BFIC Admin says:

    Agreed, I’ve been wondering why this has gone on for so long without a sharp lawyer recognizing the opportunity. People in “the know” have told me that as long as the PUP controls the government, this would be political suicide for any prominent lawyer. The problem is most of the money, legitmate and corrupt, is somehow going through the hands of Musa, his misisters and family/friends. Once you cross them, you better hope you win that class action suit, because you won’t get any more business in Belize. Ol’ Boys Club at it again…

  3. I agree with your comments, the fact’s are there for all to see. Keep up the good blog!

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