Barrow calls for Fonseca’s resignation… Where is this press release and the secret letter?  It is not on UDP or Guardian websites.  Please send the full press release to BFIC if you have it.

Original Story:

The United Democratic Party issued a release yesterday citing what it says is yet more disturbing proof of the Government’s dishonesty to and betrayal of the people of Belize.Love News spoke with UDP Leader Dean Barrow.

Hon. Dean Barrow: Leader of the Opposition

“Because of the letter that is attached to the press release a letter that was leaked to the party clearly by people who are very concerned over the fact that the regulation s or the guidelines published by the Public Utilities Commission or the PUC with respect to this much vexed issue this Voice over Internet Protocol issue as it turns out we have received a copy of a letter from by the Minister and the PUC it appears that Mr. Fonseca the Minister of Public Utilities has from the time of the publication of these guidelines from the PUC has been telling BTL that BTL doesn’t have to worry about the guidelines that those guidelines are not going to be enforced and that they will not be any ability on the part of other telecommunication services providers to make use of this Voice over Internet Protocol.”  

In their release the UDP is calling on Prime Minister Said Musa to fire Minister Ralph Fonseca.  

Hon. Dean Barrow: Leader of the Opposition

“What we want is for the Prime Minster to say did he know of this. This is a serious business that the Minister is saying that in effect the Government is taking the public for a ride the Government is taking the PUC for a ride and that the Government is bigger than the PUC. The PUC under the law is the body entrusted with regulating telecommunication and if the PUC publishes guidelines the Minister has no authority to override those guidelines. But clearly it’s the Minister who appoints the PUC and we know that the Minister can in fact if he wishes to frustrate what the PUC does by way of these guidelines and here it is that the Minister according to this letter had guaranteed BTL that he will   frustrate those guidelines and he is even suggesting perhaps that the PUC is perhaps in collusion with him and it was all a plot simply to fool the public. Well the impression that I have is that there are members of the PUC that are very very upset about what it is that the Minister has done. In any event we don’t know whether this was done by the Minister with the approval or even the knowledge of the Prime Minister and we need to hear if the Minister did this without informing the Prime Minister then the Prime Minister has to fire the Minister. This is a serious, serious breach of ethics breach of responsibility breach of trust. If it is and the Minister did tell the Prime Minister what he was doing and the Prime Minister was party to this charade and this betrayal to the Belizean public then the Prime Minister and the Minister have to resign.”

Ava Diaz: Love FM

“Do you see that happening Mr. Barrow?”  

Hon. Dean Barrow: Leader of the Opposition

“This Government seems to be immune to scandal in other word they continue to do things that out rages the Belizean public but they have no sense of decency such as would oblige to resign when they are caught as they now have been in respect to something like this. Still it is the job of the Opposition and I believe it’s the wider public to call on them to do the decent thing to do the right thing to do the proper thing and the right thing the proper thing the decent thing would be either for the Prime Minister to fire the Minister the Prime Minister did not know what was happening or if he did know for the two of them to go.”  

Leader of the Opposition Dean Barrow.


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