Musa’s Hypocritical Script

Technology – good, corruption – bad, being Ralph’s puppet boy and letting him run Belize’s telecommuncations policy into the ground – priceless.

Said & Ralph

From the LoveFM story today covering the launch of the government’s new web site:

Hon. Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize

“The cost cutting nature of technology today provides opportunity and enables delivery of the much needed economic and social information more efficient while transcending distances to provide wider and broader access.”

Um, isn’t this what VoIP does?

And from the LoveFM story covering Belize’s rank of 66 of the world’s most corrupt countries:

Hon. Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize

“You will find that there is corruption in every part of the world today. What we are doing is that we are making this more transparent so whether it is an officer taking a bribe to do a job or to do it quickly, we need to expose and adjust these things. You cannot have corruption in the public sector unless it is taking place in the private sector. So there is need for us to look at this thing a societal problem and recognize it and address it in that way.”

Then why have you not yet responded to the publicly exposed collusion between your utilities minister, the PUC and BTL? Isn’t it now time to “adjust”?


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