BTL – VoIP Blocking Pride

At the June 2007 CANTO confernce, BTL made it very clear that they are blocking VoIP. They have proudly become the model for other Caribbean telecommunications companies to emulate. The arrogrance is so breathtaking, they even invited their VoIP blocking vendor (Bitek) to present. If you are interested in learning more about the “economic protections” employed by BTL, head over the CANTO website – – the presentations from the conference are linked from the bottom of the home page. Here are some highlights:


Bitek International – Managing VoIP.pdf

Bitek International – VoIP Filtering.pdf

Bitek International – Reversing Revenue Decline.pdf

This takes the cake… click on the picture to see BTL’s certificate of arrogance:

Blocking Certificate


13 Responses to BTL – VoIP Blocking Pride

  1. damedis says:

    cheeky bastards….not to worry though “somebody” will very soon be giving BTHell a run for their $$….hehehe \\m//

  2. Robert says:

    BTL are tied into the present PUP party and the corruption and greed is beyond anything I have ever seen anywhere in the world. Shame on BTL and PUP.

  3. joe says:

    @#$@$@ you Btl you can go to hell

  4. Luca Lamorte says:

    SecretSubway is the answer. There are currently over 5000 units in operation in Dubai alone. myBOX will completely encrypt the entire internet connection. Not only does it allow all VoIP traffic to pass but it also opens up the internet. No more censorship from oppresive ignorant governemts. You can surf the entire internet with the confedence of knowing your ISP can never monitor your traffic. Check it out at

  5. rdbz says:

    What does the UDP winning mean for VOIP?

  6. jg says:

    I have several business associates in Dubai who use Surfbouncer to bypass all of this stuff and also encrypt all of their traffic.

  7. rdbz says:

    UDP has already said they will be looking into the voip issue. I’m not sure why this site isn’t posting any updates…..

  8. David Engerson says:

    Well Btl is not a internet in fact they are just a data with email company
    now they say no one can top them I Say yes call the better bussness bero
    they lie steal and cheat.
    so go to jail btl.
    Btl. goals are to hold up the country
    to set it back and try to keep us from getting the good stuff
    why they want to rule you and tell us what we can do.
    no matter what.
    i pay for 256k i get only 28 k
    thats a crime in its self
    i pay to be blocked skype
    my loss in cash is great
    so now i cant even pay my internet bill
    thanks btl for breaking me.
    in fact i’ll need a job soon
    why btl block my company
    diamond recording studio ltd.
    yep thats right i cant make money with the internet cause i need chat and skype
    so i say fight btl and shut them down unhook the crook

  9. Voip says:

    thank you for this infiormation is very useful especially : Bitek International – VoIP Filtering.pdf

  10. crystal says:

    Btl is soley a money making company with no intet of customer value
    it’s dispicable that they are doing this
    they are thinking in terms of losses
    while not taking in mind that in turn they are slowing down the progress of many businesses and individuals striving for personal growth
    —to all btl users i say dump dem–
    its been demonstrated time and agin in history that united we stand
    so all interested should tackle this problem together
    —I just hope btl’s competitors dont start doing the same–this is a mega opportunity to market customer based services,and inturn receive value from us through revenue…

  11. diamond says:

    well btl is still playing around
    i say by pass btl forever
    now drop your btl email
    and dont install the tool bar
    just in stall the sheild
    this will give you a us ip
    follow read learn this software
    you will thank me for telling you
    there is no charge and its free
    free from btl blocks

  12. David Engerson says:

    update i had 5 guy to look at my internet
    now i know more about the internet
    they do block port 80
    and they block 0-thru 500
    they also will not give you your password
    and your name they are able to look inside your pc
    even if you hide your ip.
    one guy said to me we do every crooked so dont care about leagal i say fire btl. for bad internet and blocks free belize to the world. update now i have moved to USA bye BTL. belize IS TOO bad with internet
    So usa get my taxes and not belize bye bye bye belize you lose 20 millions dollars thanks btl. no the crooked ways.

  13. well BTL. in Belize has made a big turn around I am NOW happy with BTL. my internet works great I did a upgrade all is great all is good now im happy to live in Belize good job BTL. NOW YOUR MY NUMBER ONE in my internet. Belize is changing for the better and crime rate still needs work in Belize City. but it can only get better support the police and honnor the court house and do good to the Gov. of Belize you will find
    a good time is Belize City. all is good all is great.

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