About BFIC

We don't want anything for "free".


Belize Free Internet Consortium (BFIC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting free use of internet services in Belize. We recognize the momentum has shifted in Belize towards limiting certain types of communication and this concerns us greatly.

We want to ensure that each Belize Internet user has reasonable access to all forms of Internet communication, including VoIP, IM Chat, WebCams, Streaming Audio/Video and Satellite Internet Systems.

Belize is considered a "free" country, with a free democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of press and most of all, freedom to communicate. This site is dedicated to keeping it that way.


7 Responses to About BFIC

  1. JudithA.Wallace says:

    I am trying to reach Keith Swift by email to talk with him. Can you forward this message to him and ask him to write to me regarding my impending visit to Belize in February. I have lost his email address and need help in finding him!
    Thanks…Judith A. Wallace

  2. Angel says:

    It has come to my attention as a Belizean living abroad that belize is in a state of caios.
    I turn to Krem radio through http://www.belizeweb.com. To be informed about the situation going on in the country and other news details. However since today they have been removed from that websight. So unfortunately for me and many other belizeans We wont have that pleasure any more. What Im trying to request is for you guys to create a wave for them to be on your sight so we belizeans abraod can still tune in and participate on there radio station. Shutting them up is more than just personal, to me. I turn to that radio station as a ritual to be informed about whats going on In the country of Belize.

  3. Angel says:

    Please help! Krem need to be accessible to the belizeans living abraod.

  4. Cliff Wilson says:

    Sailing in the Cayes I am picking up a very strong signal for “Free Public Wifi.” However, when I try log in, nothing happens. Can anyone hel?

  5. Crazy20 says:

    Now if only we get to the Germans. ,

  6. corbin says:

    Hello—I have attempted to contact BFIC via the gmail address provided on the blog and I have gotten no response. Could someone provide another contact for BFIC or a phone number?

  7. Tomas Serrut says:

    My wife and I use Microsoft Office Communicator to communicate with co-workers in the US and India…..as of today this has been blocked by BTL. The technician from the US remotely accessed my computer and confirmed. We just moved back to our beloved Belize and this is what we get. This is insane, instead of moving towards opening up the lines even more limits are being put in place. BTL is making it harder for us to work and spend money in Belize! This makes no sense!

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