GOB Release: Copy of Musa/BTL Accommodation Agreement

September 6, 2009


These documents are amazing.  They talk about exclusive rights to do business and to infrastructure (ARCOS), VoIP, guaranteed profits, tax breaks, sweet property deals… BTL’s raping of Belizeans is breathtaking – and here is the proof – plain and simple.



Belize (BTL) blocks VPN Connections

March 9, 2009

Belize Telemedia Ltd. has begun to block VPNs (virtual private networks).  This includes PPTP/GRE, IPSEC and SSL.  They seem to be implementing these blocks arbitrarily but reports are coming in from all over the country that BTL has misused its power once again in blocking users from using common security mechanisms across their network.  VPNs have been a well known method for users to cicumvent BTL VoIP blocking.  This is simply outrageous.  Dean, are you listening?

Channel 7 – John Avery Replaces Roberto Young as PUC Chairman

April 18, 2008

Story is really about the BEL rates hikes, but it also means that a career BTL man is out…

Original Story:


The Public Utilities Commission is in the middle of a very tense Annual Review Process (ARP) with BEL, but the man who’s been the Chairman for the past two years, Roberto Young is leaving that post. Information reaching 7NEWS is that John Avery will take up the post as chairman as early as next week. Avery will leave his post as editor of The Guardian which, reports say, will now be taken up by Channel 7 alum, Alfonso Noble.

BTL – VoIP Blocking Pride

November 20, 2007

At the June 2007 CANTO confernce, BTL made it very clear that they are blocking VoIP. They have proudly become the model for other Caribbean telecommunications companies to emulate. The arrogrance is so breathtaking, they even invited their VoIP blocking vendor (Bitek) to present. If you are interested in learning more about the “economic protections” employed by BTL, head over the CANTO website – http://www.canto.org – the presentations from the conference are linked from the bottom of the home page. Here are some highlights:


Bitek International – Managing VoIP.pdf

Bitek International – VoIP Filtering.pdf

Bitek International – Reversing Revenue Decline.pdf

This takes the cake… click on the picture to see BTL’s certificate of arrogance:

Blocking Certificate

Channel 7 – Caribbean Telecom Companies Meet in Belize

January 30, 2007

Original Story:


Executives from the Caribbean’s phone companies are in Belize this week for the annual meeting of CANTO, the Caribbean Association of National Telecom providers. This is CANTO’s 23rd meeting, and in the two decades plus since it was formed, the telecommunications landscape has been completely re-shaped. In Belize alone, the number of telephone subscribers has increased many times over since this country first joined CANTO in 1985. But while there’s been exponential growth, in their remarks at last night’s opening, BTL CEO Dean Boyce and Prime Minister Said Musa, were cautious: they advocated restraint and even protection of BTL; because they say, if it has to compete with Vonage, that could send local rates up, even as international rates go down.

Dean Boyce – BTL’s CEO
“We now face, find ourselves faced by foreign operators delivering voice services in Belize without a network. The VoIP providers are seen by many as the way forward because they offer call rates into the USA for example that are equivalent to domestic rates. They do however create some potentially dangerous repercussions to the local tariff industry and the local industry unless it is carefully managed.

We already use this type of technology and in fact these VoIP providers are using our network to connect their calls. This is economic discussion. The foreign VoIP providers make no contribution at all to the local telecom infrastructure in Belize and the cost of building and maintaining that infrastructure. Instead they simply access Belizean customers over the infrastructure provided by local operators such as BTL.

If BTL is now expected to compete face to face directly with a U.S. service provider on U.S. terms, the Belize telecom industry is now a part of the U.S. telecom industry then we must and will take whatever steps are required to meet that head on. We will have no choice but prioritize our resources, to charge at a rate that will allow us to recover our costs and stop subsidizing access.”

Rt. Hon. Said Musa,
“It is important that Caribbean governments are able to control their own destines and develop according to our own agendas and not to the financial agenda of foreign operators that seek to export the wealth of our countries and to limit our ability to achieve full universal service.”

Both Boyce and PM Musa announced that BTL has applied to the PUC to install a wireless high speed internet platform across the country.

Channel 5 – B.T.L. Hosts CANTO Annual General Meeting

January 30, 2007

Spreading their greedy protectionist philosophy all around the Caribbean…

Original Story:


Taking place in Belize City this week is the annual general meeting of CANTO, the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations. Opening ceremonies were held Sunday night at the Radisson, with Prime Minister Said Musa delivering the main address.

Prime Minister Said Musa
“It is important that a body such as CANTO protects or work to protect our local telecommunication industry. It is important that Caribbean sovereign governments are able to control their own destinies and develop according to our own agenda and not to the financial agenda of foreign operators that seek to export the wealth of our countries and to limit our ability to achieve full universal service. We can learn from the world, but in the Caribbean we must be masters of our own destiny. Organisations such as CANTO can insure that Belize and other countries within the region continue our strong historic progress and the strength of our domestic businesses. This bond, this partnership, this unity creates one strong voice resonating throughout the world.”

Canto was founded in 1985 and primarily represented the interests of Cable and Wireless, the region’s dominant telecom provider. Over the years the Organization has expanded its membership, but continues as the regional voice of full service operators, like B.T.L., who must now compete with emerging providers entering the market with wireless and cable T.V. based platforms.

Musa’s Hypocritical Script

November 24, 2006

Technology – good, corruption – bad, being Ralph’s puppet boy and letting him run Belize’s telecommuncations policy into the ground – priceless.

Said & Ralph

From the LoveFM story today covering the launch of the government’s new web site:

Hon. Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize

“The cost cutting nature of technology today provides opportunity and enables delivery of the much needed economic and social information more efficient while transcending distances to provide wider and broader access.”

Um, isn’t this what VoIP does?

And from the LoveFM story covering Belize’s rank of 66 of the world’s most corrupt countries:

Hon. Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize

“You will find that there is corruption in every part of the world today. What we are doing is that we are making this more transparent so whether it is an officer taking a bribe to do a job or to do it quickly, we need to expose and adjust these things. You cannot have corruption in the public sector unless it is taking place in the private sector. So there is need for us to look at this thing a societal problem and recognize it and address it in that way.”

Then why have you not yet responded to the publicly exposed collusion between your utilities minister, the PUC and BTL? Isn’t it now time to “adjust”?