BTL VoIP Block Bypass


Internet (IP) voice and video are now global standards in communication for many industries. Many people have simply circumvented BTL’s blocks, and some have gone so far as canceling BTL in favor of an alternate ISP. It has been some time since this site was updated. We believe it is time for a reminder on how exactly to circumvent BTL and get what the constitution affords you despite the criminal actions of Lord Ashcrook:

  • If you simply want to dump BTL, your options are SMART/SpeedNet or satellite. The satellite options are still DirecWay, Starband and now iDirect. We may cover these options as they pertain to VoIP usage in further posts. The goal for this post is to update residents of Belize on bypassing BTL’s VoIP blocks on their high-speed DSL internet services.
  • If you use Skype or any other PC-based telephony service, the answer is a software VPN (virtual private network). Most people have used HotspotVPN and Witopia Personal VPN. For technical technical reasons beyond the scope of this post, it is always better to opt for a “UDP-based” VPN. AnchoFree is another variety of VPN that is FREE, but quality has varied greatly with AF expecially on 128kbps connections (BTL’s $100bz/mo ADSL service).
  • If you use Vonage or Packet8 or any other SIP adapter-based product, there are two options. The first is to turn your PC, running the PC-based VPN software, into a “router/encrypt-er” for your Vonage box. Many of the country’s IT professional have been quietly implementing this service for their customers. Ask around and you will likely find a technician willing to help you set this up.
  • The second option for Vonage users to purchase a dedicated VPN router, a hardware based solution. This alleviates the need for a PC to run the VPN and generally results in a much more stable and clear connection for the voice/video call. This option requires a service provider in the US or any country outside Belize to provide a VPN server to which your hardware can connect.
  • The last option is to find a service provider either PC-based or adapater-based that uses the IAX protocol. IAX is a protocol developed along with the open source PBX named Asterisk and is currently NOT blocked in Belize. IAX is a less common IP voice protocol to its big brother SIP, but it works just the same. Future posts will include direct links to IAX service providers and IAX hardware.

The goal of this site is to protect the rights of the residents of Belize. We’re not interested in bowing to BTL’s intimidation. Some comments on this site in the past have suggested that these solutions should be kept quiet. We respect that opinion, but we must also respectfully disagree. BTL is acting criminally. BTL is a piece of a massive criminal scheme to make a few rich British Lords a bit richer. In their circles, Belizeans are a big JOKE. Why should we curb our mutual disrespect and disdain for their behaviour?


100 Responses to BTL VoIP Block Bypass

  1. Senor Reek says:

    I have added some pointers to this site. My site does contain a copy of Mark Espat’s 2005 address on the Telephone Mess, and pointers to the 1999 Report on the Services Sector which just disappeared from the government website.

    I give you guys an A+ for coverage of the telephone hullabaloo, but the bottom line is…nothing has really changed since I came to Belize in 1999, except that DSL is a little faster than the old dial-up. Nothing like the 150K DSL I get from AT&T in the States for $30 a month.

    Keep up the good work.

    Rick Z.

  2. Cass says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    As I am very concern with the problem Belize is having with there ISP. AnchorFree Hotspot Shield is one of those software you may not want to support. AnchorFree contains a Trojan Virus in its installation and uninstall files. As Steve Gibson once stated “Thinks that are too good to be true, is probably too good to be true.” this is just one of them instance.


  3. bzman says:

    Skype no longer works through Anchor Free.

  4. Belize should look to emulate other caribbean islands such as Grenada, West Indies from which I have recently returned. They have just finished deployment of a fiber optic network and are planning Wimax deployment as well as a host of low cost, high speed internet services including a proprietary VoIP service (other VoIP providers are and will be allowed as well) all within a country that has been dominated by the monopoly, Cable and Wireless. The interesting part of Grenada’s story is that it is a partnership between the Prime Minister of India and the PM of Grenada who are working together to build Grenada into a world class IT infrastructure. One reason is that India no longer wants low level outsourcing (such as call centers) and is looking to pass this type of business to the Caribean or other English speaking countries. And Grenada is eager to grab this and other IT type of business. And why not? It is a multi-billion dollar business!

    Feel free to contact me at: with any comments or questions.

  5. Dorian "Grey" says:

    I am just a tourist here.

    I hate the fact I can’t use my Skype to let my relatives know I arrived safely. Screw this mosquito plantation. Can’t wait to go back home.

  6. damedis says:

    hey dorian im sorry for u not being able to use your skype on ur trip here to belize but if u plan on visiting us again sumtime it will be available for u and ur friends….p.s. try corozal first… 😉

  7. Diamond Record Studio Ltd. says:

    all Beware in Belize B.T.L. IS SELL YOUR INFO.

    • I write internationally. I am shocked that Belize has allowed this — even as they forced out [rightfully, I might add] the businessman they BLAMED for the telecom problems, THEY haven’t improved the situation since they’ve been in control, either — and this is KILLING commerce in a country whose people are desperate for viable ways to make a living. They are, of course, flushing vast sums of money for themselves and their people as they try to micromanage the telecom industry to force people to pay exhorbitant rates for telecommunications. This is political ridiculousness at it’s finest. Everyone involved should be ousted from office.

      • Game Face says:

        couldn”t have put it anybetter.Thing about it is the people tolerate it.I can’t even say that it’s only the ignorant ones,because those who actually understand what’s happening like a few on here are happy to be contented with what BTL gives to them.
        The present government only made one change take the money out the so called business man’s pockets and put it into theirs.Eventually it’s going to go to nothing because soon they’ll start complaining that there isn’t monies to invest in more mordern tech unlike the legacy equipment currently used at BTL while duming everything into their pockets.

  8. Diamond Record Studio Ltd. says:

    a big gap in the investigation of BTL’s missing millions—as it does in the case of the big passport scandal of 2002—and according to Davis

  9. Diamond Record Studio Ltd. says:

    In December 2004, BTL had first lost $6.2 million that former Chief Financial Officer, Gaspar Aguilar, told Amandala had allegedly been paid to Dion Zabaneh, because the U.S. equivalent was not returned. Then in May 2006, Aguilar’s in-law, Hassan El Sayed, got $1.4 million to change, but BTL was allegedly not paid the U.S. cash

  10. Diamond Record Studio Ltd. says:

    Moises Cal and BTL’s missing money

  11. bzkid says:

    Does anybody know if VOIP is blocked on Smarts internet plans?

  12. BFIC Admin says:

    For two reasons – it is probably not feasible to run VoIP on SMART’s CDMA network. One is the performance of a cellular network is pretty shoddy compared to a DSL / wired network. Two is SMART buys much of its bandwidth via wholesale agreements with BTL… so the blockages will be applied either way.

  13. Elvis (Presly) says:

    Hey there everyone,

    I kind of understand the situtaion here and i must say we are lossing big time here.
    But even though we are loosing we are also safe from other type of attacks that this new technolgy comes with. So we have to cosider BTL and their staff because they know that Voip is very demanding and at the same time vey dangerous for a country that is not well developed like Belize…

    thanks for listening…

    • Recording Studio says:

      look grow up learn to get with the rest of the world thats how you learned about music and singers its called chat

  14. ElDorado says:

    Yesterday I made calls using Gizmo5 and I saw someone else use Skype.
    It looks like Dean Barrow has kept his promise and BTL have removed their blocks.

    • Stock Belize says:

      Belize is blocking alot
      Voip,skype,heck fire darn
      think vsat.
      I pay to use internet not to be blocked im 41 years old
      I cant hide my ip surf with my usa ip they block google sound packets
      I Have a 58 Million Company
      And I’m Losing my company as I Type
      I lost 2 million us because I could not contact my broker on his blackberry man help. this is not joke at all.
      I can give you all my pc data info if ya can help me.

  15. Paul says:

    ElDorado, are you SERIOUS? Come back and say that again. Today is the 11th. Tell me that you’ve been getting the service since the 6th.

  16. rdbz says:

    The block has NOT been removed. Many people are using Skype and other voip programs, but you have to use a vpn to avoid the block.

  17. Paul says:

    Thanks for the clarification, rdbz. I guess it’s not news that VPN works, but I’m puzzled as to why ElDorado got service. Probably just a lucky break. I don’t understand the politics or technology of lucky breaks. To me if an IP is blocked, it’s blocked. There isn’t a lot of luck to go around after that.

  18. ElDorado says:

    I assure you it was working for several days, without a VPN. Unfortunately, today it was not working again.
    I suggest people try it themselves periodically.

    It’s not IPs they block but ports. I don’t use Skype but someone who does told me they got round the block by configuring it to use a different port number.

  19. Martingo says:

    I have been using Skype, passing the block with Hotspot VPN, but it now seems that BTL have succeeded in blocking VPN as well. Is this possible?

  20. rdbz says:

    Hotspot VPN is working fine for me on BTL’s DSL.

  21. Diamond Record Studio Ltd says:

    Diamond Record Studio Ltd
    ok get this btl says they are a data internet
    ok i say bring in a real internet
    they say it’s a crime to do so i say
    they lie and cry
    well open up a new phone copany i say give us our freedom

  22. rdbz says:

    Tonight I got through on skype without running a vpn. Skype doesn’t like to connect but if it connects you can quick call and the call will stay connected even though skype goes back offline. Hopefully this is a good sign and will continue to work!!!!!!!!!!

  23. gerry says:

    Hey Guy, Asterisk phones work great, have been using for the past 6 months, work fine.
    I guess we all agree BTL sucks, Couple of Months before Former S Musa sign that shit BTL, had companies from the US willing to set call centers in northern Belize, we foward serverl letter to the PUC, but they never saw the vision – jobs were lost.

  24. gerry says: u all can get an account here

  25. jejokek says:

    Hey Tell me about that Asterisk phones what is the benifit of it ,is it that it can us voip to call direct to a land line in owed by btl

  26. Tony says:

    This BTL problem is simple to fix. But as Belizeans we must unite as one and stop playing party politics. BOYCOTT BTL. Its the Belizeans that make them money and its the Belizeans that can STOP making them money. Dont pay your phone bills. Let’s null and void the monoploy contract. If the government is corrupt. Take out BTL and the government. Force them to lower cost. If we dont pay the bills, the make no money, in right FORCING THEM OUT OF BUSINESS. Them we can make many companies come to Belize and compete with each other. Hence lower prices and better service. Its not British Houndras, its called Belize. Since 1981 since I last checked.

  27. LOST1 says:

    Does BTL block p2p like Emule?
    So what is the next option as far as unblocked ISP, rates?

  28. Drew says:

    Has anyone tried Strong VPN in Belize to use Vonage or Skype?

  29. joe says:

    even web call isn’t working. i hate this. it will seriously make me reconsider moving to belize. this is wrong! how can we call ourselves a free country and allow a monopolist like BTL to block our right to information.

  30. JunkYard says:

    Gentlepeople. Muggy and buggy aside, Belize is a nice country. I’m working here for 7 weeks and your internet is the worst I’ve experienced.

    I’d suggest you all to do something about these problems and quit complaining.
    I don’t want to upset any one any more than to at least send some emails to BTL as they are clearly limiting your and “our(for the next 6 weeks)” internet.

    Internet is a big part of my “life” as I travel a lot for work, and the ability to use skype is a necessity, not a luxury.

    I’m not aware of your laws, but I’d imagine if you could not petition/sue/protest/something,, about this issue, then your civil liberties are limited.

    Any way, baaad BTL, and beach aside,, baaaad Belize in retrospect. My experience in Belize has been a bad one, as I’ve felt isolated from my own liberties I’ve come to expect from paid services such as skype.

  31. Sparky says:

    BTL started blocking website. If you are using Starband for your email, but connecting through BTL, you will have to change some settings on your email program. -> ->

    This will allow you to check your email. If you need to browse website, you can type instead of, and some links might work – not guaranteed.

    As I’m typing this, it seems like it’s working again, but in case it does not, I hope this might help.

  32. Joe says:

    I’ve just returned from a trip to Belize, while I was there I use a software called Vbuzzer Messenger, it works well in Belize. Due to the extensive travels to Middle East where VoIP is also commonly blocked, I had searched a lot of Skype alternatives, eventually Vbuzzer is the most viable software that stand the test. This is their website:

  33. Al says:

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me the best UDP-based VPN to go with.

    Wish those Skype3 phones were available here!

  34. RobC says:

    I’m in Belize for a short 5 day trip and need to get onto my company internal VPN (which is already loaded on my PC). After connecting to the Internet through BTL at the house I’m staying at I tried connecting my VPN but got a time out.

    Is this because of a block by BTL? Or is simply a firewall issue? I don’t need to use Skype but need access to my company servers back in Canada.

  35. Nisar says:

    Dear, sir, its very much important to be opend here because i migrated from pak now i want to be connected my school,family and friends through this site… because every thing is already set there..

    Best Regards

  36. Leonard says:

    Hi I have bypass solution for VOIP let me know if anyone is interested.


    • Linda says:

      Hi Leo,
      I’m interested in the bypass solution. I have vonage n it stopped working. I’d appreciate any help.

  37. YASIR says:

    hi, Leo, Please tell me the solution for bypassing the voip, mail id :

  38. Sameer says:

    Hi Leonard,
    i need the solution for bypassing voip, please mail me at,thanx a ton

  39. Dave says:

    Hi Leonard,
    Would be great if you could give me your solution.
    Thanks, Dave

    • Linda says:

      Hi Dave,
      Did Leo’s solution work?

      • Dave says:

        Hi Linda,
        I am still waiting for Leos solution…. But if you wanna go for a solution which works for sure, but is not exactly for free, go for unblockvpn. The provider of this service is Michal in the Republik of Tschekoslowakia. Very nice guy, very good support and good price. 5 USD per motnh or 50 per year.

  40. lyes says:

    would love to test your solution.
    Thanks, lyes

  41. Hiram says:

    Sup Leonard
    would try anything at this point.

  42. Bzn_NetAdmin says:

    Dear all,

    I’m currently in the final stages of R&D for a softphone based VOIP system that should work in Belize. If you are interested in Beta Testing, before go-live contact me at info[at]

    If I get enough interest in the service, and the voice quality is acceptable (which I think it will be) I’ll go live.

    Additionally, my system will be able to bypass any blocks put in place by BTL. My background is in Systems Consulting, Networking Technolgies, and Network Security in Belize and the US so I know what can, and can’t be done. No B.S.

    Anonymous Bzn Engineer,
    Bsc, Msc, CCNP, CISSP, GCIH

    • Linda says:

      How can I test your VOIP?

      • Free choice to belize says:

        Linda if u want to use voip or any other voice or video related connections.I suggest u call Southern Cable network to find out if they’re in your area.6055718 and you’ll get reffered to your nearest office.They donot block any sites and are Independent of BTL

  43. Recording Studio says:

    i should tell folks not to go to belize
    reason not skype

  44. Sue says:

    Did anyone find out if Leo’s bypass worked??

  45. Todd says:

    Has anyone tried OrbitalCom – Quiptel ?
    Apparently they use VPP and SSL VPN to slip secretly below any ISP. The downside is they charge $15 usd per month (but includes 500 minutes to US, Canada and th UK).

  46. maryjones says:

    We are just a tourist here.
    we hate the fact I can’t use our Skype
    to let my relatives know I arrived safely.
    Can’t wait to go back home say not to BTL.
    and goodbye Belize forever.

  47. Staci says:

    Does anyone have the name /number website of the new cable internet company in belize?

    has anyone used a VPn that still works??

  48. Jungletrash says:

    can anyone give an update of the blocked vpns by btl now, i had one and now it does not work either. Is strong blocked? or Instavpn? I need some help here. jeeze i hate btl..thought things would get better under Nat but i guess not. lol got worse.

    • Free choice to belize says:

      get a connection from Southern Cable Network from your nearest office.Call 6055718,Internet is no blocked sites,which means no need for vpn’s if u don’t want to.Everything goes through ok.

  49. john riley says:

    umm, i just moved to corozal from the states and heard about this local company that offers high speed internet and surprisingly skype works fairly good. After talking to a few people from there too, i found out that magic jack works good as well…. i’ll be looking into it as soon as i found a place to stay permanently….

  50. john riley says:

    hey Todd, i checked out the situation about having my magic jack account working back again with the company and they told me that they are giving service in the area in which i was looking into staying at, so that’s great news for me. If they are getting their internet via mexico and not BTL, i say WHO CARES?? personally that’s a relief!!

    Best Regs,

    • Free choice to belize says:

      get a connection from scn (southern Cable Network) there are no blocked sites,tamper free internet,do whatever u like.Just visit the nearest office location.

  51. very happy says:

    i have magicjack and it was blocked for some months…but now it’s working again…hurray!!! just download hotspotsheild and start calling

    • Free choice to belize says:

      get to your nearest southern cable office,the new isp with no blocked sites.U’ll see that your magic jack has no problems

  52. Tip To Everyone Here having Voip Problems says:

    Go to your nearest Southern Cable office to get a connection.They have not done much marketing so no one has really heard of them ,but the internet has no blocked sites,speed received is full duplex (u get the same thing u paid for both up and down or at least within 5kb of it) unlike BTL where u get 3/4 of your download speed and half the uploads.At present they’re in Belmopan,Belize City,Dangriga,PG,Placencia,Independence and working towards the other districts.Stop letting BTL have a hold on u,free choice to Belizeans

  53. Steve says:

    My wife and I are hoping to move to Ambergris Caye. I wonder if there is a way to have an American telephone line like with vonage. Read somewhere that the government is cracking down on BLT is that right and will they open up voip. Thanks in advance if you answer.

  54. Just setup a VPN and you can still use VOIP. It’s not a bullet proof solution but it works and is stable. I’m i Ambergris Caye and my VPN works great. It may drop out, I assume because of the voice packets being detected, but I just switch to a different server and all is well.

  55. Val says:

    has anyone been successful using Vonage with a VPN?? My VPN works perfectly and completely bypasses BTL! It unblockd yahoo, msn, skype, google and logitech vid for me. I have vonage from Canada but still havent been able to make it work…

  56. minc says:

    u guys should just visit your nearest SCN office,all problems will be solved.These guys provide a wireless service which has no blocked sites.They’re an up and coming ISP within Belize working legally and do not rely on BTL FOR BANDWIDTH which they too bring into the country in bulk and supply to businesses.Get an SCN connection all your voip prayers ,skype,yahoo ,etc,etc will be answered. Here’s a number for the Belmopan branch 6055718.

  57. ROBERT says:


  58. damedis says:

    hello all,

    for those looking to move to Belize and thinking about having access to VoIP services, consider looking into Corozal Town. There is a licensed wireless ISP that although is not a telephone provider, does allow voip traffic within its network. I just got an email from them and am considering it after getting some OK feedback from some friends. Reply back to me and ill be glad to pass you their email and see what comes out from it…

  59. Jorge says:

    Hello everyone,

    How much is a call from Beliz to USA? Also, do the Cyber cafes provide VoIP service or any type of service to make telephone calls to USA?


  60. minc says:

    depends on what part of Belize you’re at Jorge.In Belmopan for instance u should be able to get a cyber cafe with voip services since SCN doesn’t block voip like BTL is doing.

  61. PaulK says:

    Looks like BTL is detecting and blocking UDP ports now. I use Witopia personalVPN and can only connect to their TCP 443 port terminations.

  62. Jayne Wyker says:

    Thank you so much with regard to giving my family an update on this subject on your site. Please be aware that if a brand-new post appears or if any modifications occur on the current posting, I would be considering reading a lot more and learning how to make good use of those tactics you reveal. Thanks for your time and consideration of people by making this site available.

  63. scnadmin says:

    SCN is now operating in Dangriga,Placencia,Belmopan,Belize city.Copanies like Netking,CCV,even speednet I believe is now using bandwidth from them.U guys should call the nearest office and get a connection.

  64. I Just Want Internet says:

    SCN keeps giving problems with the network going down and the service is crap as far as I’m concerned. Barely ever get the net, I don’t know what I’m paying for. And when you call them to come check, you probably won’t see them for a week before they decide to show up at your door. Switching back to BTL and just going to find a way to unblock the sites. I rather deal with BTL and its VoIP problems than have no net at all.

  65. Never accept that I can't use skype or yahoo talk says:

    from what I’ve heard about SCN,they’re just as much a victim of BTL’s considering their bandwidth has to be brought in via Guatemala because they have not been allowed to connect into the Arcos compound that BTL keeps hogging.And ever so often they suffer sabotages.The service level you mentioned is overplayed because you’d only be down a week if the entire network was down,they are usually at my house a few hours after I call in.
    This is a site to offer help to voip not to slander the help ,and condone what BTL is doing to Belize with regards to communication,especially internet access.

  66. unacceptable says:

    @ I Just want Internet
    It’s people like you who lets BTL think they have theupper hand on us Belizeans,rather put up with their shit than send them a message.

  67. I Just Want Internet says:

    I did send them a message, and I’m tired of it. Been with SCN for a almost 2 years now. And at least BTL exists — Ashcroft or not — at least someone foreign actually wants to invest in Belize. We should be grateful, not trying to chase away the foreigners and they are the ones bringing in the jobs -___- I don’t see any Belizean bringing jobs for Belize like how the foreigners do — and here we are, chasing them away. Thanks. The government moderating how the heck they do it is the problem – PUP or UDP — all the same shit.

    • unacceptable says:

      In case u didn’t notice for the last few years ,the government has been incharge of BTL and it didn’t change or might I say haven’t changed one bit.Whether the government owns it or whether it’s privately owned You my friend won’t be using voip on BTL in a hurry and when it is implemented ,I’m pretty sure it will be at a price which will state it as a luxury.Blocking voip is how is one of the reasons why BTL is still a monopolist in this country and able to make the kind of monies which has the government and Private owner fighting about it.With the old legacy equipment BTL uses it would cost quite a bit to overcome what unblocking voip or opening the door for speednet would do to them.
      Which brings me to my final sentence,enjoy reading emails,and sending text messages from yahoo if thats all u like about the internet,u guys are like a bunch of battered women,u keep going back for your blows knowing u’re going to receive

  68. Sparky says:

    I don’t know why anyone expects there to ever be open VOIP in Belize. PUC and Barrow have have both said clearly that as long as these outside businesses don’t have a license to do business here, they will not be allowed to do so. I think it’s almost a requirement from PUC to have the net blocked and not so much BTL anymore. There has even been talk about PUC forcing all smaller ISPs to block all VOIP. It’s a monopoly world we live in here in Belize.

  69. unacceptable says:

    You are quite right.It’s almost a requirement from the PUC as an ISP to have measures in place to ensure that voip is not used on your network,but look at the big picture.
    When the UDP took over BTL on May 24th 2009,the Prime Minister anounced reasons such as,opening up Voip, allowing other ISP’s to interconnect at the Columbus Networks facility in Belize.To date non of that has taken place the sole reason being to protect BTL as a monopoly in this country.
    Think about it if voip was opened BTL’s profits would go down drastically with the number of smart phones and wifi connections around the country right now.Instead the PUC being (under sheets) a faction of GOB tries to protect those up there who needs the money falling into their pockets by not allowing voip and also hogging the Columbus Networks facility where at present only BTL is allowed to connect.Keep in mind the facility belongs to Columbus Networks not BTL.
    Also don’t you guys believe that the best solution to this BTL issue for the good of the Belizean people is to allow Ashcroft to take it back,then force him to give it up willingly without spending so much of the country’s funds on court cases?
    My scenario:

    1.Let him take it,Invite other Telephone companies from Guatemala,Honduras and Mexico who are practically itching for the chance to cross the Belizean borders for interconnection of your Tigos,Movistars etc.These Telephone companies practically span the entire Americas,bringing with them lower phone rates,especially with the competition they’re going to start (who says competition is not good),

    2. the Government could insist that they create jobs where by they are allowed to bring in their executive members if they want but the lower ranks should at least be filled by qualified Belizeans.This would create opportunities for Belizeans to have a chance to go futher their studies etc.

    3.And last but not least,the Tax payers funds being used to fund BTL related projects since the Government now owns it,or fairly said Belizean people,could now be put to better use such as,road lighting,parks,road signs,marking of roads,etc.

    Three birds killed with one rock,Ashcroft not making the profits he expected to make will eventually hand this company over to the Government on a platinum plate.He already has millions ,why would he settle for crumbs?In the process the government has created jobs,got rid of him without a fight,make the Belizeans happy by bring one more bill down to almost nothing,There is most definately going to be an increase in the country’s development due to those foreign presence and tax payers money can be used for something else.And presto voip is no longer a worry on they governments head.

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    • nelliel says:

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    I love stock education

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