GOB Release: Copy of Musa/BTL Accommodation Agreement

September 6, 2009


These documents are amazing.  They talk about exclusive rights to do business and to infrastructure (ARCOS), VoIP, guaranteed profits, tax breaks, sweet property deals… BTL’s raping of Belizeans is breathtaking – and here is the proof – plain and simple.



BREAKING NEWS – Government Passes Law to Takeover Telemedia

August 25, 2009

Government Press Release (inclusive of Dean Barrow’s remarks)


Government Passes Law to Takeover Telemedia


Expect Major Changes at BTL in 48 Hours


Greedy Choke Puppy…


Love FM Story


Telemedia Reacts


Channel 7 – Will GOB Nationalize BTL?

May 25, 2009

Original Story

Will the government nationalize BTL? That’s the course of action suggested by an Amandala editorial yesterday. And while newspaper editorials don’t set government policy, our information suggests that this one was more than just a shot in the dark, it was more like a trial balloon for an idea that’s gaining some currency in government circles. Speaking with Prime Minister Dean Barrow by telephone today, he was decidedly non committal, saying that as regards the BTL impasse, his government is, “looking at all options” and “what they’ve raised (in the Amandala editorial) is not excluded.”

It would be a bold and unprecedented move, and the consequences wide and far-reaching…but is it the kind of nuclear solution the generally conservative Barrow administration would pursue? That’s left to be seen but a memo sent out to BTL employees yesterday from the employees trust discusses what it calls quote, a “rumor that government may even be considering buying Telemedia.” The trust is a 22% block of shares in the company which is nominally owned by the employees but is managed, controlled, operated and articulated from within the cockpit of some anonymous corporate mother-ship.

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Belize (BTL) blocks VPN Connections

March 9, 2009

Belize Telemedia Ltd. has begun to block VPNs (virtual private networks).  This includes PPTP/GRE, IPSEC and SSL.  They seem to be implementing these blocks arbitrarily but reports are coming in from all over the country that BTL has misused its power once again in blocking users from using common security mechanisms across their network.  VPNs have been a well known method for users to cicumvent BTL VoIP blocking.  This is simply outrageous.  Dean, are you listening?

BTL Blocks IAX

February 19, 2009

BTL today blocked the popular IAX protocol from passing through their VoIP jamming technology.  IAX, a VoIP protocol developed in conjuction with the Asterisk Open Source PBX, IAX had been a last place of refuge among users that wished to have inexpensive international phone service in Belize.  Previously BTL had limited the blocking to SIP and Sykpe, but today expanded the list to include IAX.    It looks as if they may also have blocked a popular chatting protocol called Jabber, most commonly used in Google Talk.  Way to go BTL!

Reporter – Nice Editorial on BTL State Of Affairs

August 16, 2008



By Harry Lawrence – Publisher

It is clear to the man on the street that Belize Telemedia Limited may be acting under instructions from the man who says he no longer controls B.T.L., Mr. Michael Ashcroft.

Mr. Ashcroft is the only person who has an interest in silencing Channel 7 and Kremandala TV.B.T.L. supplies Channel 5 with fiber-optic cable access because it owns Channel 5.

B.T.L. does not own the fiber-optic cable line to Belize. But it is the only company with access to this line, through its corporate headquarters on St. Thomas Street.

B.T.L. paid a lot for this fiber-optic trunk-line connection, and the company is not now willing to share it with others who are not of its ilk.

The underwater fiber-optic line is owned by a provider who is willing to splice in another trunk line, but the fee for this service is U.S. one million.

There are compelling reasons why Belize should get this second link, and we shall try to explain them here:

1. Belize Telemedia Limited has a monopolistic strangle-hold on fiber-optics in Belize. It uses this strangle-hold to reward its friends and punish the competition.

2. B.T.L. uses its strangle hold to promote the Belize Bank and its operations, not only with cheap telephone calls and unlimited Internet access, but it holds the rest of the business community to ransom by:

(a) charging exhorbitant fees for domestic and overseas calls,

(b) refusing to offer voice over internet protocol in Belize, thereby stunting the growth of communications and other communication – related businesses.

(c) enjoying an ufair advantage over all other businesses, who are forced to pay B.T.L.’s high rates.

(d) allowing the Belize Bank, or some related entity operating from 60 Market Square to grab a large chunk of the fiber-optic capacity for the dot Bz domain-name activities such as on-line gambling and tele-marketing.

(e) Because these activities are regarded as offshore businesses, B.T.L. and its Belize Bank associates pay no taxes whatsoever on what is seen as a multi-million dollar empire of smut and gambling.

(f) B.T.L. has thus become a law unto itself; a corporation operating independently within a government, thumbing its nose at the government.

(g) Telecommunications is an essential industry. Those who control it control the country’s development.

Having a second fiber-optic trunk line would end the B.T.L. monopoly. It would open up VOIP options for the entire country. It would give new scope to independent competition in the media and to new telecommunication players who might want to come in. It would save the country and government millions of dollars in lower fees. A second fiber-optic trunk line would clip B.T.L.’s wings and usher in a new dawn of cheaper telecommunications.

There is one obstacle however – money!

But if the Government of Belize could find a way to partner with the private sector, perhaps they could together manage the down-payment for another fiber-optic trunk line, and share the profits.

It appears to be a gilt-edged investment.

Channel 7 – John Avery Replaces Roberto Young as PUC Chairman

April 18, 2008

Story is really about the BEL rates hikes, but it also means that a career BTL man is out…

Original Story:


The Public Utilities Commission is in the middle of a very tense Annual Review Process (ARP) with BEL, but the man who’s been the Chairman for the past two years, Roberto Young is leaving that post. Information reaching 7NEWS is that John Avery will take up the post as chairman as early as next week. Avery will leave his post as editor of The Guardian which, reports say, will now be taken up by Channel 7 alum, Alfonso Noble.